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Kennedy Avenue, Kapparis

This is also known as Kapparis Avenue or even just Kappari! On the Paralimni map, it's marked 'Leoforos Kappari'. It's about 2.3km from the roundabout to the viewpoint.

      viewpoint Famagusta Viewpoint and Mini Zoo  
Famagusta Tavern bar
107 residential Galini Villas  
  Giorki Papadopoulou
<-- Dherynia
--> To beach
Macedonia residential
Fotoxenia residential
residential Astra Close
--> Fireman's Beach
Kenana Tavern (ex Mantos)
67 bardining Twilight  
  supermarket Shiapanis Supermarket  
(closed) T Room restaurant
(closed) Haircraft
dining Shanghai Dragon (closed)  
  Internet cafe (closed)  
Laundry Station
Safehouse Discount Store  
  developers Elian Developers (closed)  
Sundays 2 (planned) residential
bardining Wooden Crest 56
    supermarket Bottoms Up (off licence) upated jun 12  
  Liperti developers G&M Metaxas  
  developers Mirror Homes  
Kappari Cafe Lounge deli and coffee house
  dining Just Italian 52
    residential Artemis Place  
    car hire Empire Car Rentals  
    bar Piroga Club (closed)  
    bardining The Lounge (closed)  
    dining Magazaki  
lodging Sunny Coast  
  bar Kennedy Pub  
Constantina supermarket
residential Blue Water Bay  
Karpasitis Fruit Market supermarket
Blue Water Bay Road
    dining Tony's 34
  mini market Sumo Periptero  
developers Eviko Developers  
    car hire Empire Car/Bike Rentals  
--> Beach & lodging Malama Village
  developers Karma Developers  
    residential Adams Garden  
    residential Laxia Gardens  
    Hellenic Bank and ATM  
    shopping Living  
Alviona Developers developers
  developers Photiou Estates  
  <-- Paralimni O
--> Ayia Triada
Laxia Palace dining

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